S. P. Cloward

Author of the AfterLife Series

Story Settings in Pictures

Enjoy a few excerpts from the Book AfterLife with pictures added!

(You'll just have to read the book to see where they fit in)

Shedd AquariumSeth enjoyed the aquarium. The ocean was an amazing place and housed some of the earth’s most awe inspiring predators. It was also an easy place for him to target prey. His next victim would have to wait till he was done with his meeting. He looked down at his watch taking note of both the time and the tardiness of the person he was waiting for. He didn’t like people who made him wait. It was interfering with his plans.


AfterLife HubThey ascended a circular ramp and then stopped at a garage door which automatically opened up allowing them to exit into the outside world. Wes looked around to see what the Hub looked like from the outside. To a casual observer it appeared to be a large farm building with giant grain silos. The farm land surrounding the buildings was organized into rows of fully ripened corn.

WDW RailroadAfter walking over the Liberty Square Bridge and passing in front of the castle, Ken led Wes down Main Street U.S.A. to the train station. “Does the train work?” Ken looked at Wes with anticipation. Wes nodded. “I love the train,” Ken said as he walked up the gray steps that curved to the second floor of the station.


Wes and Emily in Wes's Theme ParkWes guided Emily up a staircase that led to a terrace wrapped around the rear of the second floor of the castle. From their new spot, they could see Fantasyland stretched out below. . . . Emily admired the park from the higher position and placed her hands on the ornamented parapet. Wes decided to improve the scene. He slowly caused the sun to set and soon they were standing under a starlit night sky. As the darkness settled, the decorative lights illuminated the storybook facades in hues of all colors. Then fireworks began exploding overhead.


The Bean in ChicagoSeth purposely took the longest route to Millennium Park he could think of to give Rahul more time to enjoy the cold weather. They passed the ice skating rink and went up the steps to the plaza that held one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions, The Bean. Its sleek, quick-silver appearance reflected the city’s skyline, morphing the heights of the nearby buildings into strange shapes. There were a few avid tourists braving the cold to interact with the large bean shaped sculpture. Seth found a bench just outside of the plaza and they sat looking at the impressive, mirrored piece of art.


The Roman ColiseumHe needed to think quickly and knew it was imperative that he stay focused. However, as Seth’s mind started forming the images of a stone building, Wes discovered he couldn’t concentrate enough to counter what was materializing around him. The building’s shape started to form from the nothingness with its large arches and circular shape. Wes immediately knew where Seth had taken them. It was the Roman Coliseum constructed to look as it might have thousands of years before while still in its prime. The sun radiated down from directly overhead reflecting off the stone and marble that surrounded them.

Union Station, ChicagoA slight echo reverberated through the Great Hall as Seth walked across the stone floor and sat down on one of the long wooden benches in the center of the magnificent room. He hoped his former companion would come before he needed to catch his train. It had been more than a day since he’d sent his message. She hadn’t answered, yet he waited for her anyway. He would give her a few more minutes just in case she decided to come. The confrontation with AfterLife two nights ago had forced him to lay low for now. He was sure she was restrained by similar circumstances.


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