S. P. Cloward

Author of the AfterLife Series

Story Previews & Glossary of Terms

On this page you will find links to the first chapters of each book.  Also, for those of you new to Mortui lingo, here is a glossary of terms to bring you up to speed!

AfterLife Preview

AfterLife Allegiances Preview

Glossary of Terms

AfterLife – A Mortui organization that broke off from the Atumra during the early 1800s. Many members of AfterLife belonged to the Atumra before its existence. Their focus differs from the Atumra in their efforts to coexist peacefully with antemorts and to improve antemort life.

Antemort – The Mortui word for a living human being whose soul-body connection does not require outside energy replenishment to be maintained. Source of life for Mortuis.

Ancestors, The - the ruling body of each individual AfterLife Hub. Each Hub has four Ancestors. They work as a collective and communicate with the Ancestors at other AfterLife Hubs world-wide concerning the policies of the organization. Each member of a Hub’s Ancestor team has to have been a Mortui for at least 100 years and be a proven member of AfterLife.

Astral-sync (synchronization) a form of soul connection or synchronization that takes place without syncing through the eyes. The connection forms on the mental plane. Life source is not transferred during astral synchronization. Few Mortuis have the ability or the knowledge needed to astral-sync

Atumra – The most ancient Mortui organization. They differ from AfterLife in that they see Mortui as a chosen race.

EDDIE - Electrical Disabling Darts for Incapacitation Emitters. A Mortui weapon that disrupts the electrical impulses that control Mortui bodies and causes the muscles to tense up, thus temporarily incapacitating them. It is similar to a Taser, but if used on an antemort the result would most likely be death.

Graze/feed To take life source from an antemort during a soul-sync. Mortui must assimilate energy from the living in order to recuperate and survive. This is done by looking in their eyes. However, taking energy from a living being also shortens that person’s life, depending on the amount taken. Grazing is taking small amounts from many individuals, ideally just minutes, while moving through crowds. Taking all their energy results in the antemort’s death.

Meditation (for a Mortui) – Mortui do not sleep. Meditation is the state in which the Mortui mind rests and recuperates, usually in a sanctuary each individual constructs within their mind. It also allows the Mortui to conserve energy.

Mortui – An individual whose soul or mind does not leave the body after death. They are the race from which stories of zombies originated, however they are not zombies. A zombie is a body without a soul, and a Mortui’s mind and soul continue to exist within the body. The ability to become a Mortui at death is based on several factors, most importantly a genetic mutation. It is not contagious.

To Become Mortui:

Possession - Possession is the process of a Mortui soul replacing the soul of an antemort in the antemort’s body. The result for the antemort is death. This process was developed and perfected by Doc for Seth and the Atumra for the purpose of infiltrating high-ranking individuals in antemort society. The subject used for the possession must carry the recessive Mortui gene.

Pulse – a Mortui weapon that emits a compression wave when it’s detonated. It badly damages Mortui muscles and incapacitates those who come in contact with it. Antemorts would most likely be killed.

Sever/severing – Mortui death. The mind separates from the body, leaving a vacant shell.

Soul-sync (synchronization) – A Mortui mind connection. As opposed to Astral-synchronization, in a soul-sync the Mortui body appears to be asleep and is unconscious of the world around them. Mortui can also sync with antemorts, but the antemort experiences it as more of a dream than a reality.

The Body – The unseen governing entity of the Atumra.


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