S. P. Cloward

Author of the AfterLife Series

About Sam

When asked where I’m from I tell people I grew up in Utah across the street from the city cemetery, but I now reside in sunny Orlando just a stone throw away from several world famous theme parks.  My imagination occupies a studio apartment somewhere in between.

AfterLife began as a university writing project while I was working on a bachelor degree in Career and Organizational Studies from Eastern Illinois University.

Originally a short story, the book soon took on a life of its own as I was compelled to speak for those residing within its pages. More on that on the book pages.


Sam at the Bean in Chicago



I love to travel, and in the past twelve years I’ve lived in various locations in Illinois, Texas, and Florida, but I think Florida has become my residence of choice.





Sam at the Coloseum



If you’ve lived or visited some of those places, you might recognize them in the book.





 Sam on the Disney Magic



A childhood passion for amusement and theme parks has evolved into an important part of my adult life. 





A theme park has the ability to provide an environment where every human emotion can be evoked and worldly concerns can be temporarily set aside. Sam at Bush Gardens








Roller Coast6er


My hope is that the AfterLife series will create an imaginary world within a story that mirrors the carefully crafted world within a theme park. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!




Please contact me, I'd love to hear about you!